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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to School

Today was Dylan's first day as a 4th grader and Kayleigh's first day as a 2nd grader. Talk about making momma feel old. While to me the summer seem to fly, the kids couldn't wait to get back to school. They were up and dressed and ready to go before 7am, school doesn't start until 9:04am! In true mommy/photograher form, I followed them around documenting the first day of yet another school year. As the time got closer to leave they got more and more anxious. 8:45 hit and we were out the door, again, me following them with my camera in hand as we walked to school and into their classrooms. Fast foward a few hours and they came running in the door to tell me about their day. Dylan summed it up with one word "fantastic" and Kayleigh of course gave us the play by play of her entire day, not missing one detail! I have got to say I am so proud of the people my children our becoming. They are so smart and funny and defiently have personalities all their own. And not just the older too but all of the other ones too. As it is I have so many people say "Maddie starts school this year too right?" It doesn't dawn on them that she has only just turned 3 and still has another two years before kindergarten. That's just how smart and mature she is for her age. Then Lilly surprises me everyday with the new things she picks up. These kids get smarter everytime I turn around. They're little sponges, I swear! I love them more and more everyday if that is even possible and I know they will continue to make me proud!

Here is a couple a storyboards I made of the kids' first day of school

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